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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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historians violative i like taking over this boulevard for the right reaps and for all our doggie diner thufkz how about a clap >> thank you, everyone for helping all of us revisit our history and appreciate our neighborhoods and art and appreciate icons and all the things it means to us and while we can't take ourself back to the 1960s if they're good things why don't we will make sure we continue good things for our city. thank you very much for sharing this moment it's fun to be out here (clapping.) all righty thank you so much mayor ed lee.
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there are snacks back there and posters to memorize this wonderful day let's bring up katie tang the supervisor. >> good morning, everyone this is a my good friend john over there. >> hi. well, welcome everyone i had the great pleasure of living here i drive by the doggie diner everyday. i thank you to dpw and everyone who takes care of the doggie diner heads. we're in our office we have a coloring we put together and it was put together by ashley and we feature the doggie diner head it's a cool part of our district and today, i want to thank
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everyone for being here and celebrating many days valentine's day and wish everyone a happy day thank you very much (clapping.) i want one of those coloring books katie. i see the lines now also on that side of the street is another supervisor district 7th district they share the doggie diner head so next up supervisor yee (clapping.) thank you you know, i. so jealous that it's not on my side of the street (laughter) but i guess anyone else can visit the zoo and will get to see the dog head. i want to say one thing the first doggie diner that opened in san francisco came in 1949. i want to say that was the junior i was born so i'll also
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remember this as a symbol of it (laughter) now everybody knows how would i am. i want to really thank the kids for being here and helping to celebrate it momentous day. what do you think >> i like it a lot. >> there we go; right? you know, i want you to i can't remember seeing a head that's that beautiful good job dpw thank you very much (clapping.) you mention a fungus someone told that because those dogs are manny mow and jack now i know it shares a interest with
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supervisor yee maybe we can name it norman. next up our administrator naomi kelly (clapping.) happy valentine's day everyone. all right. u love elementary school who let the dogs out >> we did, we did. >> i just want to thank the men and women of dpw especially the theme cert and the automotive painter they are the teams that worked on the recession project and poured a lot of love does he sparklin sparkling? it is a great landmark this doggie diner head was the
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advertisement forbidding for the doggie diner recuperate a block away and now it's a city incongruous people get to enjoy this and people visiting the san francisco zoo we get to all enjoy this beautiful doggie diner head with a new fresh coat of painted we have a lot to celebrate today. thank you (clapping.) so naomi was talking about and the mayor ed lee and supervisor yee now to get some real background on the doggie diner head we'll bring up ms. scott >> hi, i'm a neighborhood resident and co-founder of the ocean beach historical society ordered in 1999, to help small business owners.
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try to get this gentleman's leaseback we didn't succeed in saving that business but it took off because of the doggie diner. this is for v nor valentine's day and v for victory both are connected to the heart why did the doggie diner become an icon first of all, because it's fun. the late howard who designed it founded the first doggie diner by the beach a block away and wanted to work with walt disney and it didn't happen but he create art have a high goal and continue doing wasn't you want. many bay residents love this
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this reminds them of the beach and the pole where the parking lot is now. new visitors to this neighborhood love it because of the way it gets us to laugh on foggy and ation i didn't days we know it as the object of the spearhead prevention that's the doggie diner design it became a symbol of love for the people of the neighborhood of something we're fighting to save it made front page news and people signed petitions we ate at the recuperate that was b.a. pa block away including then supervisor gavin newsom and supervisor yee made that part of his campaign people worked together to save is and have
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fun. still that wasn't enough so mother nature gave the battle a push and the windstorm it was in april of 2003 something had to be done is mayor ed lee got a nose job and paint job and it looks like it is restored. the moral is don't give up on something you love or find it right find people who think like you do and you'll have victory and fun (clapping.) yeah. >> thank you very much. and talking someone you'll notice the kick start campaign the man wholesale been taking manny mow and jack around in a
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truck >> 20 years. >> the conserving of the dog head john. >> thank you tammy and i really want to thank the city for doing an amazing job on the dawn dog. i'm a professional sign maker and the job the corporation did on it this dog head it is shinier then back in the 60s. i want to say when i first came to san francisco i sue the doggie diner head. i took battering over to berkley and many years it was chaez and this was a million years ago i was a kid and thought that place is crazy this is where i want to be right here over a restaurants
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they've got this giant dog head. i forgot about it and i ended up with a series of accidents and ended up to take to party and ended up with a second one and i i7b9d up with a third one when my girl found it in the in return. we've doing this for years and it's expensive those things are 10 feet high the van i haul them around it eats up the gas we raised up enough money to restore the dog and do the best testimony job we could and once again that's a buff job and wombs having them rotating
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on our truck and we're going to continue to take them to parades in the city we don't charge we bring them out to events. and again seeing that dog head when it popped out at battery and new 38 years later only san francisco, california you have something like the doggie diner it is a commercial icon has become something else else entirely and i hope we're born a long time after the doggie diner but your grandparents and parents went them they go there after a ball game and eat a hamburger or whatever and we're
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going to try to keating keep it part of our interesting and completely unique history in this town. thank you very much everybody (clapping.) all right. so your final little comments are from the folks is there something you want to say to the doggie diner >> yeah. >> what are you going to say. >> happy valentine's day. >> 1, 2, 3. >> valentine's day. yeah. >> all right. the loyola school don't forget to pick up a condemn active poster a part of the
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